Shikkui Technical Info

Tagawa Sangyo Co. Ltd. produces Shikkui Surface Coatings, traditional Japanese hydrated lime plaster, and Limix non baked tile. Tagawa Sangyo Co. is a C2C silver certified company. Tariki Limited LLC was the catalyzing force to encourage Tagawa Sangyo Co. to go through the C2C certification process. Tagawa Sangyo Co. is committed to manufacturing with biological and technical nutrient streams. Doing more good rather than less bad. Tagawa Sangyo Co. is currently working towards gold certification.

Product Eco / Overview Sheets

  C2C Certificate (428.8 KiB)

  Leed Statement (102.5 KiB)

  Shikkui Overview (741.5 KiB)

  Eco Data Sheet (729.8 KiB)

  Carbon_Footprint_Tagawa_Sangyo.pdf (63.8 KiB)

Product Data Info Sheets

  Shikkui Techical Specifications Sheet (126.7 KiB)

  Shikkui_Sora_-_Data_Sheet.pdf (150.7 KiB)

  Shikkui_Bright_-_Data_Sheet.pdf (148.8 KiB)

  Interior_Base_-_Data_Sheet.pdf (106.9 KiB)

  WCB_-_Data_Sheet.pdf (105.7 KiB)

  Shikkui_System.pdf (189.2 KiB)

ASTM Test Results

  ASTM 84 - Fire Resistance Sora (330.2 KiB)

  ASTM 2240 Hardness Sora (124.1 KiB)

  ASTM D3960 - VOC Content Sora (128.3 KiB)

  ASTM D3273, D3274 - Mold Fungal Resistance (122.8 KiB)

  ASTM_D2240_Hardness_-_Bright_Classic_Kodai.pdf (120.9 KiB)

Product – MSDS Sheets

  Shikkui_Sora_-_MSDS.pdf (105.6 KiB)

  Shikkui_Bright_-_MSDS.pdf (105.2 KiB)

  Interior_Base_-_MSDS.pdf (113.0 KiB)

  WCB_-_MSDS.pdf (112.7 KiB)

  Top_Coat_SA_-_MSDS_July_2011.pdf (124.2 KiB)

  Antibiotic_Agent_MSDS.pdf (73.5 KiB)