Ecopo Kit






Introducing Ecopo (Eco-Pottery)

Ecopo is made with natural slaked lime plaster, clay, and fibers.

This unique clay/plaster product is a self-setting non-fired ceramic process that can be used by children and adults. Slaked lime plaster has been used in Japan for over 800 years.  This innovative new ‘cradle to cradle’ certified green product developed by Tagawa Sangyo Co. Ltd is available for purchase from Tariki Limited LLC

Ecopo is a C2C certified product – silver level.

  Ecopo (186.0 KiB)

Examples of Ecopo Application/Uses

• Educational purposes such as: Classroom Sculpture.

• In the home, Ecopo can be used for creative play or modeling.

• By artists and potters as an alternative for creating sculpture and pottery without a kiln firing process.

• Creatives everywhere

Ecological Characteristics

• Made from natural limestone and clay

• Reacts with and absorbs CO2

• Manufacturing process produces no oil waste or by product