Eric O’Leary / Artist

Tariki Limited LLC creates works of art and environments that express a humanistic vision empowered by the embrace of the natural world. Principal artist/designer Eric O’Leary is inspired by seeking a delicate balance between traditional and nontraditional elements, shaped by the actions of the human hand.

Sculpture by Eric O'Leary

While grounded in ceramics, Tariki Limited LLC continues to explore the full sculptural potential of traditional natural elements such as stone, wood, Shikkui plaster and water, as well as nontraditional elements like, Limix tile, laminates, plastics, and steel. The studio makes use of environmentally sound practices to continually expand the realm of the art and architectural installations it creates, always sensitive to the fundamentally human connection with the natural world. Through the intersection of ancient traditions and modern innovations, Eric O’Leary’s designs embody both natural landscapes and the built environment. Tariki Limited LLC is currently expanding the use of Shikkui and Limix as CO2 consuming materials in its future art and design work. The use of site situated materials and supporting Cradle to Cradle certified products is central to our ethos.

The philosophy guiding the creative process at Tariki Limited extends to our interaction with our clients, which is based on the sensitivity and respect inherent in building a long-lasting relationship. The dialogue between designer and client, and the integration of their ideas into a final unified concept, is fundamental to the design process.

Tariki Limited welcomes all inquiries.